Environment Group

God our Father,
show us how to step gently,
how to live simply,
how to walk lightly
with respect and love for all that you have made.

excerpt from Live Simply Prayer by Linda Jones/CAFOD


The parish environmental group was established in the summer of 2015 in response to Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the Environment, “Laudato Si“, in which he called for concerted action against climate change and social injustice.

Membership profile

Currently, the group has 8 – 10 members from both the Belper and Duffield churches. We always welcome new members.

Meetings and activities

Garden Mass 2015
We meet once a month/six weeks to discuss and develop projects and also to share information and we regularly communicate via e-mail.
The group’s activity to date has included an outdoor and nature themed Mass; input and attendance at the Belper Transition Candlelit vigil to mark the Paris Environmental talks in 2015; planning for a wildflower garden behind the church in Belper and for a community orchard in the church grounds in Duffield. We have also recently planted an Oak tree at the Far Laund recreation group in Belper, as a statement of our commitment to holding sacred God’s beautiful gift of nature and to serving our community.

In 2016 we will be working towards making the parish a ‘Live Simply’ parish, working within a framework created by CAFOD.

The group are planning to produce information and reflection sheets each month over 2016 looking at different themes such as water, energy, growing food etc.

For more information please contact Maggie Braley.