Open Space

Drawing on our professional experience of group work and our shared experience of a faith group within the parish, the three of us arranged a series of meetings over the summer. Our agenda was to think about how group work may contribute to the life of the parish, by bringing people together.

In part this came from the feeling that our churches are not always as welcoming as they might be. It is possible to come to mass every week and learn nothing about the people next to you in the pew. We thought that coming together in groups might be a good way of making church more welcoming and more real, remembering Christ’s words “where ever two or three are gathered together in my name there shall I be also”.

We see this not as a religious discussion group but as an open space in which people can share there experience of being human and Catholic, including the issues they may struggle with. This will not be a therapy group though we hope that people will find it helpful. We think it would be suitable for newcomers, for those who want to learn or understand more or to connect with others, for people who doubt or who are ambivalent, as well as for people of faith.

Brendan, Christine and Ros.