Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a consultative body in our parish Church that serves to advise the parish priest about pastoral issues.

The work of the PPC has three main objectives: to foster the life of the Parish as a Catholic faith community, to work collaboratively with the Priest in the administration of the Parish and its relations with the wider Church (in the Deanery, Diocese and ecumenically) and to facilitate the mission of the Parish and Parishioners in the wider world.

Members of the PPC actively engage with parishioners in order to be well-informed about the life of the Parish and local community, vote when appropriate on matters which require a decision, facilitate communication between the wider parish, its groups and the PPC, work collaboratively with the Parish Priest to identify and resolve issues that need addressing and serve as a sounding board for the Priest (who is President of the PPC).

All members are elected and serve a three year term. To ensure continuity, elections take place every year in November for a third of the seats. Any member of the Parish of Belper and Duffield who is on the parish register and is a regular participant in the parish Sunday Mass is eligible for membership of the PPC.

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