Adult Faith Formation

Adult faith formation offers opportunities for Christians to grow in faith as their lives develop. If we are mature adults but haven’t much reflected on issues of faith and understanding since we were much younger then the chances are that our lives and faith development have not kept pace. Sometimes events in life or spiritual experiences we can’t quite explain point to the need to consider questions of faith and spirituality more deeply.

The most readily accessed resources are to be found by coming to Mass, reflecting on the scripture readings and listening to the Homily. Online links to the Catechism of the Catholic Church are given in the bulletin each week which help to build an understanding. The weekly Scripture Sharing group which meets on Monday evenings gives a group setting in which questions can be shared. From time to time catechists from the parish run courses using DVD or similar materials. Occasional groups meet as detailed on the bulletin which address issues of faith and faith development (such as the Open Space group which has recently met on a Tuesday evening). Also there are parish prayer groups and meditation groups which may be helpful.

Anyone who wants further information, personal help or individual accompaniment on their spiritual journey should contact the Parish Office on who will be able to put you in contact with relevant people to help with your query.

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