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You will have seen on the news about the devastating floods that have hit Pakistan, leaving millions in need of urgent help to survive.  To support we are having a second collection at Mass next Sunday.

Families have lost their homes, their cattle, their lands, and their livelihoods, and are totally dependent on humanitarian assistance. Thirty million people are affected as a third of the country is now submerged (that’s almost the size of Great Britain).

Our parish collection will help us reach out through the agency of Cafod and the Disaster Emergency Committee to support our brothers and sisters in Pakistan. 

CAFOD is part of the Disaster Emergency Committee, a group of 15 leading international aid charities that work together to respond as quickly and effectively as possible during a humanitarian emergency.  The appeal is called DEC Pakistan Floods Appeal. In this way the efforts of every charity, of every person’s gift, can make a bigger difference when we act together. 

The money raised by our parish will help Cafod’s local experts respond to this climate-induced disaster. Your support will mean more communities have immediate access to food and emergency medical assistance.

The local Pakistani organisation that CAFOD works with in the area is Community World Service Asia (CWSA) and they are already responding. These local experts are working in Sindh, which is one of the worst affected regions and they desperately need more funds to help more families survive. 

You can also donate online at: www.cafod.org.uk/Give 

£10 can provide two people with essentialhygiene supplies£50 can provide a family with emergencyfood for a month

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