Brief general update from Bishop Patrick for all parishioners with regard to the consultation that took place across the diocese just before the school holidays – September 2023

Published Thu, 14/09/2023 by

I want to update you on the recent consultative phase we conducted across the Diocese. I was so pleased that we received a fairly high level of participation. Over 2,100 opinions were gathered through one-to-one conversations, the at-Mass questionnaires and the e-survey.

Thank you so much to parishioners and clergy who took the time and interest to share their thoughts. I was encouraged by the overall reaction, and I recognise from your feedback that, while there is recognition that diocesan communication has greatly improved over the past year or so,  there needs to be more regular communication across the diocese. Feedback also suggested that work needs to be done on simplifying how we convey our spiritual themes, encounter, discipleship and missionary discipleship. I am currently working on this. There was also an understanding of the financial needs across our diocese, especially prioritising parishes, and the feedback indicated that parishioners and clergy are willing to be supportive of a fundraising initiative.

The Diocesan leadership is currently considering the feedback and the next steps. In October, I will provide you with a more detailed summary. 

But, in the meantime, I would greatly appreciate your prayers that, in the light of the feedback received, I, and those who advise me, will be guided by the Holy Spirit to make the best decisions for the future sustainability and growth of our vibrant and  hope-filled diocesan family.

With gratitude and prayer,


Rt Rev Patrick McKinney

Bishop of Nottingham

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