James Farmer – The work of Logos Ministries International

Jonny White from Churches Together in Belper writes: At Belper Baptist Church, we are excited to be welcoming James Farmer, Overseas Ministry Programme Coordinator from Logos Ministries International (LMI) on Tuesday 25th April at 7.30pm.  This is a rare opportunity to hear about the work of LMI. Logos Ministries International is an interdenominational evangelical Christian mission organisation that was founded in 1977. Its work covers a wide range of initiatives, which are impacting lives in many countries around the world. Their motto is: We want the world to know Jesus. From the UK to Serbia, Zambia to Nepal, LMI is determined to assist indigenous ministries so that the work of the Church can go forward and many people are reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. https://lmi-org.net/

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