Lent blog: 11 – SPRING IS HERE!

Published Mon, 01/03/2021 by

Lent blog: 11 – SPRING IS HERE!

Today, St David’s day, is the officially the first day of meteorological spring. 

Catkins have been out for some while.  But as I went for a walk in yesterday’s warm sunshine, I noticed a change in the appearance of the woods on the horizon.  They seem to have about them a haze, almost as if they were smoking, caused by millions of buds developing – not to the point of leafing yet, but nearer to it.  Yes, the sap is rising, warming the heart!

The Old Anglo-Saxon name for this season, Lent, refers to the lengthening of the days.  With the Spring comes light, warmth, new life and hope.  A sixth century hymn Jesus, the sun of ransomed earth relates the renewal happening all around us in nature to the grace available to us in this sacred season.  The final verses acclaim:

The day is come, the accepted day,

When grace like nature flowers anew;

Trained by thy hand the surer way

Rejoice we in our spring-time too.

Let the whole earth in worship bow,

Great God, before thy mercy seat,

As we renewed by grace do now

With praises new thy presence greet.

(Translation Monsignor R. Knox)


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