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I argued in my previous blog that we can’t be neutral in the Christian life without going backwards.  So, maintaining our freedom means actively choosing to go forwards.  We do this by embracing the way of Christ – not just listening to his teachings, but putting them into practice.

Time spent with the Gospel each day is indispensable to every disciple.  Each morning we rededicate ourselves to follow the Gospel path, saying: “Bend my heart to your will, O God.”

It may be countercultural but the Gospels clearly show that disciples are not meant to be individualists.  We are stronger, more effective when we are together, working with others.  That’s why the major initiative of this time for our Parish comes as an opportunity to get on board with something bigger than ourselves which is being organised across the Diocese.

This evening at 7pm there’s an online meeting entitled, “Here:Now:Us”.  It’s for everyone who wants to follow the Gospel path in our parish, drawing on the strength and inspiration found in collaboration with others: – with fellow parishioners; in concert with other parishes across the Diocese; and in collaboration with our ecumenical brothers and sisters in the other local churches.

Consider yourself invited! If you would like to book a place at this meeting, follow the link:


Hope to see you there.


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