Published Fri, 12/03/2021 by

Today has largely been full on, as my Fridays tend to be, with admin.  As with each of the other days there are emails to catch up; also, numerous texts and phone calls to respond to, plus preparations as necessary for next week (this week, eg. for participation on an interview panel first thing next Monday). 

Every Friday, the single most time-consuming thing is the preparation of the bulletin – and I suspect most people would be surprised how long this painstaking process takes.  After several hours work, following proofreading it is emailed off in two formats in six postings, together with a text requesting it be uploaded onto the Parish website.

There has of course been time for Morning Prayer and Mass along the way.  But by 3.45pm, as I sit down to write this, I am looking forward to a cup of tea, a period of meditation, followed by Evening Prayer and the evening meal.

Before the pandemic the Friday evening meal had replaced Sunday lunch as the most popular time for families to gather for a meal together.  And you can see why.  By Friday evening it’s been a long week.  We need to stop, relax, recharge.  In the Bible the seventh day (reckoned as Friday evening to Saturday evening) was blessed by God as a day of rest – the Sabbath.  It fits the pattern of human nature.  “The Sabbath was made for man.”  Go for it.


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