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This morning I have been on an interviewing panel to appoint a new Head Teacher to St Elizabeth’s School.  I was delighted that the unanimous decision of the panel was to offer the post to Amanda Clemens – and even more delighted that she accepted.

St Elizabeth’s has long been been a highly regarded school in the area.  Its academic achievements have generally been very good, and have recently been judged outstanding by Ofsted.  More than that for a Catholic school, there has always been a palpably warm, welcoming ethos at St Elizabeth’s, infused by Franciscan values.  It was this that sold the school to me and Margaret when we were looking round various local schools to which to send our own children.  As non-Catholic parents at the time, we thought we would look round, compare and contrast, then come to a decision.  Well, suffice it to say, we started with St Elizabeth’s – and never felt the need to look any further (a decision we never regretted).

During the last year as Acting Head, keeping the school community together throughout the pandemic in supporting children’s continued learning, Amanda has been on a challenging learning curve.  Today she gave a very assured account of herself.  I have every expectation she will continue to grow confidently in this role she believes in so passionately.  I believe the school is very lucky to have her.  Congratulations then to her!  They are well-deserved.  I look forward to working closely with Amanda to develop in new and creative ways the long-established links that exist between St Elizabeth’s and our Parish community.


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