Letter from Sarah Bradbury, Belper Town Chaplaincy

Published Thu, 16/06/2022 by

Dear Friends of Our Lady’s Leisure Group, Belper Duffield and Ripley,

Thank you so much for your June donation of £30. Every single donation that you give makes a difference. We are all pulling our belts in, aren’t we!

I attach a picture of the biscuits you have bought, which cheers people up very much in these strange times. You have also bought items for hungry families, beans, tomatoes, soup, pasta, rice, sugar, honey, tinned fruit and rice pudding, amongst other things.

I have bought T shirts for several small boys and girls so that they have something new. They were very thrilled! Also socks for several sizes of children, and some for the men.

I have some extra money this month, £25 from my pruning someone’s garden as a one off, ready to sell the house, and £30 from my dear Auntie Diana in memory of a member of the family who has passed away, to be used to feed and clothe people.

One lad at Chevin House only had broken plastic shoes to wear and asked me if I could help… The very next day, someone gave me Nike trainers and some sliders (slip on sandals) which fit him! He was so thrilled.

A lady at the Food Bank asked for size 7 walking boots as she walks a long way: that very week someone said to me, can you make use of a pair of ladies walking boots, size 7? She is absolutely made up with them!

The use of our Hope for Belper Food Bank is going up, and donations are down. I spoke to staff at Morrison’s, as the donation area is so confusing. The basket below marked Hope for Belper is ours. 

The Aldi food collection point is not ours, Aldi don’t collect for Belper Food Bank. 

Good news that with a change of staff, Iceland now do collect for us. Their collection basket is inside the door when I was last in. The Co-ops are always a safe bet for our Hope for Belper Food Bank collections. 

The Ukrainian Sunflower Club, after Food Bank on a Tuesday, is going well! A time for people to meet and chat and share what’s going on.

Lastly, can I say a very big vote of thanks for the amazing work of St Margaret’s Duffield and what a beautiful place of worship it is, so extremely fitting for the needs of the community, accessible outdoor Mass, fantastic Soup and Pud lunches and everything that has happened there. Bless you all. Amazing work and people! 

With love and blessings to you all 

Sarah xx 

Belper Town Chaplaincy 

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