Thanks and news from Sarah Bradbury, Belper Town Chaplain

Published Thu, 23/03/2023 by

Thank you so much for your amazing donation of £100. It is so very kind of you all to keep the needy in your thoughts and prayers, thank you!

I have bought on your behalf some puddings and pies… I’m sure you’ve noticed how much food is going up every time you shop. 

Our referrals to the Hope for Belper Food Bank are going up, so we are glad to welcome families, sometimes just so people have someone to talk to in their hour of need! 

We always offer something to eat, even if it is just beans on toast or tomato soup and a roll. We still have Citizen’s Advice every time, for help with benefits, PIP, housing, debt advice etc.

We (you!) have bought a good stash of items for the Chevin House emergency food cupboard at Chevin House, some of which you can see here in the photo. Their cooking skills are not great, bless them, so they have to have things that are easy to cook. This includes microwave rice, super noodles (they love these!) chunky soups, hot dogs, meat balls, tins of tuna, baked beans, lots of yummy biscuits, chocolate and caramel individual snacks and jammy dodgers, as well as much needed bottles of shower gel.

This is absolutely great, especially for those coming in new who don’t have £1 in their pocket. Staff oversee what is given out, and they will buy everyone an Easter egg too. The lads love to know that you care.

For instance, there have been several homeless chaps recently that we have helped. One young man, B, was sleeping in a tent in Belper. Someone got in touch with me about him, so I said send him down to the Food Bank! He came, bless him, and in no time he was eating home made pizza with a nice hot coffee, and I introduced him to some of the Chevin lads who were there. He was nervous at first, but I said they’re fine, you can talk to them about anything, or just sit with them and be quiet. I’d asked my friend Sally to come down, as she had been researching local landlords and properties for people in need. 

We found that there was a room in a shared house nearby, so I took B to meet the landlord and look at the room: clean, painted magnolia, bed wardrobe drawers fridge and little en suite, a lock on the door, marvellous! I chatted to the landlord that B had low self esteem but just wanted a nice safe warm place to live quietly. 

Two days later, the landlord rang me to say B could have the room! Praise the Lord! We had saved a nice as new duvet and bedding, plates bowls knife fork spoon and a mug that says Keep Calm and Relax, which B thought was funny! The landlord has provided a microwave, and the heating cost is in with the rent! Amazing. 

I’ve also got B a hoodie and socks from yourselves, some T shirts, and some long leg joggers for another lad at Chevin who has very little.

Another nice lonely quiet lad was sleeping in a shed in Belper, so he’s had a referral to Chevin House, and has gone into a hostel in Derby while he’s waiting for a place. This was great timing, as it was when it was very snowy and icy. He’s been to our Food Bank and was very pleased (and surprised) to be welcomed and given something to eat and drink, and advice and a chat… Saint Matthew 25: 35-40. 

With big thanks for your kind hearts, support and prayers


Sarah Bradbury 

Belper Town Chaplaincy 


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