Update from Belper Town Chaplaincy

Published Thu, 23/06/2022 by

Dear All

Just a quick note from me to say thank you so very much for the Soup and Pud lunch donations plus more, of £100!

Fantastic! The Food Bank has never been so low, so I have been to buy these items on your behalf and have taken them today… Lots of Fray Bentos pies, and sticky toffee sponge puddings which are perfect when you’re hungry and fancy something tasty! Plus lots of Big Soups, and tinned peas to go with the pies.

Thank you, just in time, perfect!

I have been moving a lot of bedding and towels and a microwave, toaster and kettle this week! All 30 folk in the homeless shelter placements have had a towel each. It’s lovely to know someone cares. 

Each one of us matters and you are all very special. 

Thank you for all the donations, they really make a difference!

Blessings to all

Sarah xx 

Belper Town Chaplaincy 

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